Opening the Door


Some books make you want to do summersaults they reveal such incredible insights into human behaviour.

After reading “New Self New World: Recovering our senses in the Twenty First Century”, by Philip Shepherd, it is apparent that we are blind to the evident imbalance of our female and male energies.

To discover our learned agendas, illusions and fantasies of uniqueness, our domination over nature and its endless growth.

The crucible for transformation being tragedy, heartbreak and devastation—the realization that Humanity has reached a tipping point requiring a new language to inspire a respected sacred balance between the powerful, magnificent energies of the male and female.

As Raine Eisler points out in her remarkable book “The Chalice and The Blade - Our History and Future” a new way of identifying and expressing a transition from from a dominating, dominant society to a linking society where our need to compete could be moved towards increasing awareness of our basic need to connect and by doing so experience our birthright of the felt intelligence of feeling at peace with oneself and the world, the vast infinity and potential of a universe that is holding the space for that experience.

The in depth research of Brene Brown on shame and vulnerability tells us that if we want to write the ending to our story we have to own our story or the story owns us.

She wrote the inspiring books “Daring Greatly” and “Rising Strong” and “The Gifts of Imperfection”.

Finding the origins of how fear became the predominate force driving what is now an epidemic of anxiety and depression, which is a natural response of an inability to adapt to the environment oneself finds itself in.

As humanity traverses an unprecedented and unescapable dark night of our species that could lead to the unprecedented birth on a massive scale, of a new embodied divine consciousness in action. 

Bruce Lipton explains clearly and enthusiastically in his book “The Biology of Belief” how the information recorded and programmed in the subconscious brain during the first seven years of life will dictate ninety five per cent of our adult behaviours.

What we absorb in those first seven years forms our perception of reality, our belief systems, and our sense of identity is moulded.

Of course we inherit genetic codes and DNA expression and we have long known that they influence our physical bodies, but new science is pioneering research that shows that emotional codes are inherited as well.

The research is compelling in “It Didn’t Start With You” by Mark Wolynn.

Neurons that fire together wire together and we can get stuck in conditioned programs that no longer serve us.

Science is finding more and more evidence of the plasticity of the brain and its ability to form new patterns by thought alone.

Again fascinating research in the book by Dr. Joe DispenzaYou are The Placebo”.

So this is the beginning of chronicling a journey into the mindfulness of how to live a deeper truth of an open heart and the love that yearns to be.