A Safe Place to Land

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how - Friedrich Nietzsche




Today, finding the passionate why, because we are bearing a very challenging how. 

How do we interpret the inevitable feelings of grief, rage, anger and sorrow at the continual exploitation of the earth and her sacred inhabitiants. 

Woman have been systematically conditioned not to speak up, to doubt our own voices amid the powerful messages that we know deep down course through our bodies - the current of longing to keep our connection to the great mother earth and the threads that weave us into the vastly mysterious cosmos.

Overwhelm and despair will most certainly diminish your spark of life.  That spark of life is urging us to awaken to that which is being lost, to revive that energy that fuels caring about the world, her children who rely on the fresh air, fresh food to nourish the ever springing soul of creation so that we feel free to dance this existence, not duck and hide feeling helpless to what appears to be a tidal wave of destruction.

Pushing resources, under which now human beings are labeled,  to exhaustion is not the natural order of life..... life by its very nature is life giving, by its very nature pulls us to connect with our deep longing to ourselves, not driven to disconnect as a way of coping. 

Awakening, from an old English word means to spring into being, arise, originate. 

Conscious, deliberate action starts with letting ourselves feel uncomfortable with being told that things cannot be dealt with differetly.

That our needs and wants have become confused ... that we are bombarded by endless messages as to what those needs and messages even are. 

Stepping through the veil of conditioning we can move into the light of simplicity, to experience a safe place to land... into welcoming arms, into a welcoming world. 

To give thanks to all feelings, rage and sorrow, to feel them into a transformative place where we start to realize we have a choice in our actions, not to settle for the away things are.  Finding the courage, a word that takes its meaning “from the heart” , to speak our truths of love and caring, to our truth of humanity and of all life that supports this sacred dance. 

What deep meaning do we find in our lives that keeps us in right action, that nurtures our felt experience of being part of the entire cosmos? 


Physician and author Larry Dossey refers to the endless give and take of atoms that sustains all life as the “biodance,” which he describes as follows:

Biodance—the endless exchange of the elements of living things with the earth itself—proceeds silently, giving us no hint that it is happening. It is a dervish dance, animated and purposeful and disciplined; and it is a dance in which every living organizism participates. These observations simply defy any definition of a static and fixed body.  Even our genes, our claim to biologic individuality, constantly dissolve and are renewed. We are in a persistent equilibrium with the earth.                   


And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom- Anais Nin