The Currents of Emotion

Taking charge of your life is not always easy, especially if you feel you have no power.



You are overwhelmed, with anxiety , uncomfortable confronting aspects of your life.

A new idea, a new project, or even a new path can overwhelm us. Our thoughts of despair can become like a narcotic.  This Modus Operandi is very difficult to break.

We fall prey to our thoughts, the thought creates the emotion. Often seeking external remedies believing something to be remedied. Our emotions have taken hold of us. Our ability to see through the illusion is concealed. 

Byron Katie say’s, “A thought is harmless unless we believe it. It’s not our thoughts but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering. Attaching to a thought means believing that it is true, without inquiring. A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.” 

Thoughts often repeated , go from a delicate minor path to a harsh major highway.



Sometimes a negative experience is something we feel we don’t want, but it can be information needed to shift towards right action.

Some of us “Live small”, feeling undeserving of all “Life’s Wonderful Gifts. “

Honesty and truth are crucial in confronting our inner critic, you see through the illusions and the lies you tell yourself. 

We avoid discomfort, it is a natural response to avoid it, however , inquiry into that discomfort can reveal what needs to addressed.

Simple challenges may be magnified, and far-reaching, a decision may seem momentous, by giving yourself space for something new , the old patterns are swept away.

Liberate the soul from the delusion. 


When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.-Wayne Dyer


Swimming in the Mystery

 Finding right nourishment for your soul.


The heart of the discipline of the personality is threefold.

One, know yourself

Two, accept yourself

Three, become the creator  


If you make friends with yourself, you”ll never be alone. - Maxwell Maltz


Meditation - sitting quietly with yourself, making friends with your mind. 

So many thoughts arise, so many are anything but friendly. When we sit with feeling uncomfortable,  

when we let that energy of whatever is taking place move through us we might experience some clarity around what comes up. 

If we can be still any anxieties or fears can be given space. With concentrated attention we can observe these  energies and calm any feeling of internal conflict.

Being still, even for a few moments can be an antidote for chaos. Finding a reflective response to the world we live in and how to integrate our lives into it.

It is difficult to remain in a constant state of fear and society at large promotes this flight ,fight or freeze response.

This conditioning over many years has taken its toll, where we feel it’s safer to play small rather than risk harsh criticism of speaking out. 

It promotes a landscape where identifying with something outside ourselves appears to provide a solution.

Inate wisdom , expresses  compassion and when we learn to give this to ourselves we enact a ripple effect of right action.

Choosing not to engage in group fear we are moved to explore different traits of being .

By coming to terms with what it means to take responsibility for what we believe as individuals and how we make choices based on those beliefs is a journey into self. These choices are made on a sense of groundedness of what feels right for you. 

This might be surprising and even alarming when we find that the choices we make go against the status quo.

We are in an age of transformation which requires letting go of the known and embracing something new. 

Leaving behind the normalization of pathology, moving into gnosis-the true knowledge that leads to a lighter felt sense of being.-engaged, respectful, sacred.

A place that is nurtured and flourishes.

The seeds sewn here, can and will bring about radical transformation on how we perceive the world and act in it.


One day you finally knew  

What you had to do, and began

Though the voices around you

Kept shouting

Their bad advice- 

Though the whole house

Began to tremble

And you felt the old tug

At your ankles,

”Mend my Life” 

Each voice cried. 

But you didn’t stop

You knew what you had to do

Though the wind pried

With its stiff fingers

At the very foundations.

Though their melancholy  

was terrible,

It was already late

Enough, and a wild night

And the road full of fallen

Branches and stones. 

But little by little, 

As you left those voices behind, 

the stars began to burn

Through the sheets of clouds.

And their was a new voice

Which you slowly

Recognized as your own

That kept you company

As you strode deeper and deeper

Into the world, 

Determined to do

The only thing you could do- 

Determined to save

The only life you could save.


The Journey - Mary Oliver


I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship.- Louisa May Alcott

A Safe Place to Land

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how - Friedrich Nietzsche




Today, finding the passionate why, because we are bearing a very challenging how. 

How do we interpret the inevitable feelings of grief, rage, anger and sorrow at the continual exploitation of the earth and her sacred inhabitiants. 

Woman have been systematically conditioned not to speak up, to doubt our own voices amid the powerful messages that we know deep down course through our bodies - the current of longing to keep our connection to the great mother earth and the threads that weave us into the vastly mysterious cosmos.

Overwhelm and despair will most certainly diminish your spark of life.  That spark of life is urging us to awaken to that which is being lost, to revive that energy that fuels caring about the world, her children who rely on the fresh air, fresh food to nourish the ever springing soul of creation so that we feel free to dance this existence, not duck and hide feeling helpless to what appears to be a tidal wave of destruction.

Pushing resources, under which now human beings are labeled,  to exhaustion is not the natural order of life..... life by its very nature is life giving, by its very nature pulls us to connect with our deep longing to ourselves, not driven to disconnect as a way of coping. 

Awakening, from an old English word means to spring into being, arise, originate. 

Conscious, deliberate action starts with letting ourselves feel uncomfortable with being told that things cannot be dealt with differetly.

That our needs and wants have become confused ... that we are bombarded by endless messages as to what those needs and messages even are. 

Stepping through the veil of conditioning we can move into the light of simplicity, to experience a safe place to land... into welcoming arms, into a welcoming world. 

To give thanks to all feelings, rage and sorrow, to feel them into a transformative place where we start to realize we have a choice in our actions, not to settle for the away things are.  Finding the courage, a word that takes its meaning “from the heart” , to speak our truths of love and caring, to our truth of humanity and of all life that supports this sacred dance. 

What deep meaning do we find in our lives that keeps us in right action, that nurtures our felt experience of being part of the entire cosmos? 


Physician and author Larry Dossey refers to the endless give and take of atoms that sustains all life as the “biodance,” which he describes as follows:

Biodance—the endless exchange of the elements of living things with the earth itself—proceeds silently, giving us no hint that it is happening. It is a dervish dance, animated and purposeful and disciplined; and it is a dance in which every living organizism participates. These observations simply defy any definition of a static and fixed body.  Even our genes, our claim to biologic individuality, constantly dissolve and are renewed. We are in a persistent equilibrium with the earth.                   


And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom- Anais Nin


Genuine Connection

It seems apparent that when a natural sense of well being is provided and even restored after loss the compulsive need to escape painful emotions of inadequacy and unworthiness begin to cease. 

Response to ones environment co-relates to feelings of correct or incorrect treatment. 

American writer Jean Leidloff left what would be considered by modern western standards, a promising career in the high fashion model world, to travel to the South American jungles of the Amazon. There she encountered the native tribes of that area that were to give rise to deep and profound insights as to how environment significantly influences behavioural responses, all correct in there own right by what inherently feels right or what does not feel right.

Her book “The Continuum Concept” In Search of Happiness Lost is a remarkable account of her experience living admidst the Yequana people. 

At the top of the front cover of The Continuum Concept is a comment by John Holt, at the time considered one of America’s leading psychologists. It reads: “If the world could be saved by a book, this just might be the book.”

One could hardly reach for a more powerful statement to indicate the immense importance of knowledge the book contains about human nature and the basic things that nurture its development. 

Jean Leidloff teaches how we can learn about continuun and non continuum infant life by observing people like the Yequana and looking more closely at members of our own cultures. 

It seems the worlds of infants in arms in Stone Age and in civilized cultures are as different as night and day. 

From birth continuum infants are taken everywhere. Before the imbilicus comes off the infants life is already full of action as she is immediately taken into arms, her expected place through tens of millions of generations. The experience while she is in arms is acceptable to her continuum, fulfills her current needs and contributes correctly to her development.

Even though the baby sleeps most of the time, she is becoming accustomed to the voices around her, the sounds of their activities and physical movements that accompany these activities. 

She experiences the safe, right feel of being held to a living body. Any sense of urgency would only be noticeable to her if she were removed from that place. 

Otherwise she is engaged learning what it is like to be. At night the mother sleeps with her and any signal of hunger is responded to, her well being reestablished, consistent with the lives lived by millions of her predecessors.

Leidloff writes: The feeling appropriate to an infant in arms is his feeling of rightness, or essential goodness. The only positive identity he can know, is based on the premise that he is right, good and welcome. Without that conviction, a human being of any age is crippled by a lack of confidence, of a full sense of self, of spontaneity, of grace. All babies are good, but can know it themselves only by reflection, by the way they are treated. 

The state of consciousness of an infant changes enormously during the in arms phase. Step by step his central nervous system develops. The earliest established components of an infants psychobiological make-up are those most formative of his lifelong outlook. What he feels before he can think is a powerful determinant of what kind of things he thinks when thought becomes possible. 

Having developed a sense of rightness the infant in arms enters the world with a confidence that he is a worthwhile contribution to the world around him. 




This is the first, the wildest and the wisest thing I know. 

That the soul exists and is built entirely out of attentiveness. 

Mary Oliver


Our family are the people who know who you are,

appreciate who you are, never want you to be anyone else 

and love you regardless of where you end up or what false turns

Nickolas Gonzolaz


It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. Mark Twain


We are taught a lot about what it means to be normal. As addictions deepen in our culture we are led to believe we are broken, and we hold the unconscious belief that we don't have the skill set to adjust to reality as it is presented to us. Addiction can be defined as a behaviour that repeats itself knowing the results have negative consequences. Our sense of isolation and that we hold an underlying fear that our being is not enough for us to feel that we are worthwhile with gifts to contribute to the world we live in. This leads to a painful feeling of lack and a worldwide epidemic that says we are not enough.  

This idea is expressed in the well known "Skinner Box" Experiment, where rats are confined in a small metal cage with no contact with others. Given the ability to self administer Heroin and Cocaine , they chose repeatedly to do so. The researchers concluded that the drugs were irresistible and addiction inevitable. But the psychologist Bruce Alexander had doubts about what was behind the impulse to use these drugs.

He set out to conduct his own experiment where he crafted a wooden enclosed area as big as two hundred cages with cedar shavings, places to hide and nest in, poles to climb, plenty of food and a balanced ratio of twenty rats of both sexes. They were supplied with two water bottles, one plain and one laced with morphine. The rats overwhelmingly preferred the plain water.

Alexander then made available only the morphine water for fifty-seven days forcing the rats to become addicts. Plain water was again introduced and the rats overwhelming switched back.

This clearly shows that the despair of isolation, severing the very primal need to connect is at the root of the impulse to escape this extremely harsh reality. 

A society that favours and rewards the individual as apart from the whole creates a fiction of remoteness and a dulling of awareness to the magical forces within us. 

Addiction is a tyrant and the addiction to acquisition is elaborated by Joseph Campbell.... 

"The inflated ego of the tyrant is a curse to himself and his world - no matter how his affairs may seem to prosper. 

Self terrorized, fear haunted, alert at every hand to meet and battle back the anticipated aggresssions of his environment, which are primarily the reflections of the uncontrollable impulses to acquisition within himself, the giant of self achieved independence is the worlds messenger of disaster, even though in his mind, he may entertain himself with humane intentions."

He goes on to say....."the confusion of our values is so deep that we often respect, adulate and ourselves aspire to the fantasies of the tryrant.  That is we commonly yearn for the tyrants status of pampered, self achieved independence - yearn like him, to be shielded by wealth and influence and fame from life's mundane inconveniences and from the need for ordinary compassion, and we are so seduced by our fantasy that we fail to appreciate the obscene cost that such wealth can extract from the soul," 

The idea that unbridled acquisition for wealth equates superior decision making is indeed a fallacy as we witness the unfolding events of the world. The idea that we take self judgement and self rejection as a normal psychic state of not enough by ranking status, has fostered the illusion of a hierarchy that not only accepts but promotes violence towards others, towards fragile resources as a justified means of maintaining the status quo. .... business as usual!

Compassion and empathy are the real feelings humans long to experience and to have this felt experience one has to start with oneself.

Neuroplasticity is being more and more explored and given the right environment the mind will be inspired to new insights, ideas, responses and solutions to how we can create a refreshed way of seeing ourselves in this beautiful world. 


The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation. When everything is lost, and all seems darkness then comes the new life and all is revealed."    Joseph Campbell


"You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you."    Dodinsky


Opening the Door


Some books make you want to do summersaults they reveal such incredible insights into human behaviour.

After reading “New Self New World: Recovering our senses in the Twenty First Century”, by Philip Shepherd, it is apparent that we are blind to the evident imbalance of our female and male energies.

To discover our learned agendas, illusions and fantasies of uniqueness, our domination over nature and its endless growth.

The crucible for transformation being tragedy, heartbreak and devastation—the realization that Humanity has reached a tipping point requiring a new language to inspire a respected sacred balance between the powerful, magnificent energies of the male and female.

As Raine Eisler points out in her remarkable book “The Chalice and The Blade - Our History and Future” a new way of identifying and expressing a transition from from a dominating, dominant society to a linking society where our need to compete could be moved towards increasing awareness of our basic need to connect and by doing so experience our birthright of the felt intelligence of feeling at peace with oneself and the world, the vast infinity and potential of a universe that is holding the space for that experience.

The in depth research of Brene Brown on shame and vulnerability tells us that if we want to write the ending to our story we have to own our story or the story owns us.

She wrote the inspiring books “Daring Greatly” and “Rising Strong” and “The Gifts of Imperfection”.

Finding the origins of how fear became the predominate force driving what is now an epidemic of anxiety and depression, which is a natural response of an inability to adapt to the environment oneself finds itself in.

As humanity traverses an unprecedented and unescapable dark night of our species that could lead to the unprecedented birth on a massive scale, of a new embodied divine consciousness in action. 

Bruce Lipton explains clearly and enthusiastically in his book “The Biology of Belief” how the information recorded and programmed in the subconscious brain during the first seven years of life will dictate ninety five per cent of our adult behaviours.

What we absorb in those first seven years forms our perception of reality, our belief systems, and our sense of identity is moulded.

Of course we inherit genetic codes and DNA expression and we have long known that they influence our physical bodies, but new science is pioneering research that shows that emotional codes are inherited as well.

The research is compelling in “It Didn’t Start With You” by Mark Wolynn.

Neurons that fire together wire together and we can get stuck in conditioned programs that no longer serve us.

Science is finding more and more evidence of the plasticity of the brain and its ability to form new patterns by thought alone.

Again fascinating research in the book by Dr. Joe DispenzaYou are The Placebo”.

So this is the beginning of chronicling a journey into the mindfulness of how to live a deeper truth of an open heart and the love that yearns to be.